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For your information, this blog belongs to a BOY who is almost 20 years old. Although the design of my blog quite GIRLISH, but I'm a real man. I hope you do not judge people from their blog.
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beyond the looks
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 | 8:38 PM | 0 tweet

"He cried. There wa a look of forget on his face. The baby was sleeping soundly in the cot. It had thin lips ang its skin was reddish, a colour that was very different from that of the other babies. He put one hand slowly under the baby's head and the other under its buttocks. The colour of its hair was golden. He lifted the baby very carefully and put it in his lap. The baby stretched and moved its hands. It was obvious that the baby wat not like the other babies. He kissed the baby who was unlike other babies"

currently wawan baca buku ini :)) nanti InsyaAllah, kalo dah biss , wawan story kat cni kk :))

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