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For your information, this blog belongs to a BOY who is almost 20 years old. Although the design of my blog quite GIRLISH, but I'm a real man. I hope you do not judge people from their blog.
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Frustration In Love
Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 9:31 AM | 0 tweet

Just read and understand. Sorry if not satisfied you. I've copied it from Google
Dear sweetheart ,

Right now I find a vacuum soul that I could hardly describe my emotion. I am deeply frustrated by what is now going on with us. I use my masculine power to get rid in this frustrations of mine. I drink too much that I could no longer move my body as I felt the misery and suffering of my life . I thought of so many things again and again only to find out no answers from the different options I thought to tell you. I could no longer. I am quite desperate now I used the cellphones and my e-mails to reach you out but no avail… I don’t know what is happening now to me as I write this love letter of frustration. One time, I just stayed in the social networking in the computer until I accidentally read an article in the hugPages about the love notes on frustration. I have never had a chance to write a love letter as my parent taught so many thing a about the excitement they have reading the love letter of my dad. I was so amazed how they expressed their love . I found an interesting love letter it seems old . I read the content as I go on I thought that I was being the one in love by the letters being wrote by father. It was so beautiful I felt that I was like dad writing to the one I love. If only we can go back time then I would do the same writing love letter to you.
As I felt now I would now eventually give this love letter to you just to say how much I love you. It would be good if the HubPages may now publish this love letter of frustration for the young ones to read. I am maybe fortunate now to have everything modern technology as I have cellphones, multi-media gadgets and all the luxuries of life for us young ones. However, the touch of my heart to you was no longer as use to be in the past. I hope the Savior will find more time to write about love letters so that young ones appreciate so much about the genuine meaning love. The love we have now is like a casual dress of fashion on material world for our joy is centered by our egoistic style. We love so much ourselves …. We dreamed so much about material wealth for our life in this modern technology may find so expensive from the fashion gadgets…

Let me continue my love letter as I’m watching all the modern gadgets of mine. I like the way we live as teenagers in a carefree world it is only now that I realized how powerful genuine love to our heart is. I still write you more.. I don’t care if somebody reads this love letter. For my love is so genuine as I reach the heavenly stars to promise you to be the best partner and boyfriend in your life.
Someone Heart You

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